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We believe in creating change through the power of the collective.

That’s why we created the Yellow Label program. To transform overconsumption into responsible action. To help make a difference in our communities. To give your coat a second life by spreading the warmth to someone in need.

Drop off your gently used, pre-loved coat at the nearest participating Lolë store between October 18th and December 24th, and we’ll give it a second life by donating it to a local charity chosen by each store in Canada, the US and Europe.

Join the movement

Step 1Donate your pre-loved coat
at any participating Lolë store

Step 2Help your community
through a local charity

Step 3Make someone happy
by sharing the warmth

Think global, act local

To say thank you for your kind donation, receive a $50
promo card to be used on your next Lolë coat purchase*.

Find a participating Lolë store
*Promo card only applicable on a Lolë coat purchase with a minimum value of $250 (before taxes).

81 lbs of clothing are thrown away each year
That’s 26 lbs of textiles and clothes
Only 20% of clothes are worn in the average closet
Up to 95% of the textiles that are landfilled each year could be recycled.

How the Yellow Label program has helped.

5,375jackets donated
1,900families benefited